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Swimming Pool Sun Shelves Uses, Benefits, and Options—With Photos

5 Technology Upgrades Your Swimming Pool Should Have

Benefits of Outdoor TVs for Backyard Living

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Swimming Pool and Patio

25 Harsh Realities of Gunite Pool Construction

Roman Swimming Pools: Top Features for Classic Style & Customization

12 Clever Ways for Integrating Stone into Pools—In Photos

7 Features for a Peaceful Pool & Backyard Ambience

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5 Poolside Features for More Comfort & Leisure

15 brilliant ideas—in photos—for lighting custom pools & spas

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Modern Kidney-Shaped Pools: 7 Design Ideas for Fresh Style

10 Beautiful Features for Your Gunite Swimming Pool in Pictures

Gunite Spa Shapes: Picking the Right One for Your Pool Design

7 Swimming Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid When Planning

Pool Scupper / Spout Water Features with Stunning Examples

In-Pool Tables, Stools, Benches: Design Options for “Swim-up Dining”

The Truth about Saltwater Pools: Chlorine Generation Pros & Cons

Swimming Pool Entry Steps: Designing for Extra Fun, Utility and Beauty

Feng Shui Design for Your Inground Pool—with Photos

7 Affordable, Stylish Gunite Pool Features to Consider

Why Luxury Swimming Pools Take Longer to Build

3 Family Factors that Should Drive Your Swimming Pool Plan

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7 Popular Swimming Pool Features for 2022—with Photos

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What is Swimming Pool Coping? A Photo-filled Guide

10 Swimming Pool Water Feature Ideas (Besides Rock Waterfalls)

Rock Waterfall Swimming Pool Slides—Detailed Guide & Photos

Why you may regret choosing a black bottom swimming pool

Fun Swimming Pool Design Ideas that Kids (and Adults) Love

Mid Century Modern Pools: 7 Retro-to-Contemporary Design Evolutions in Photos

Tropical Swimming Pools: 12 Best Design Ideas with Pictures

5 Ways a Gunite Pool Can Transform Your Property—and Your Life!

What is Biofilm—and Why it Matters to Your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

How Long Does it Take to Build a Gunite Pool? 8 Delay Factors

Spa and Hot Tub Use When Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Swimming Pool Remodels: 3 Deluxe Additions You May Not Know Are Possible

Inground Rectangle Pools: 10 Design Ideas to Add Style & Flair—with Photos

Custom Poolside Kitchen Layouts: Planning Ideas

10 Water Activities to Lose Weight: Swimming Pool Fitness

DIY Swimming Pools: 10 Risks of Building Your Own Inground Project

3 Solutions to Ensure Proper Drainage for Your Inground Pool

Small Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas: Specific Design Tips with Photos

Elevated Swimming Pools: 7 Stunning Designs Built High Off the Ground

What is a rim flow spa on a custom swimming pool? (with design photos)

Blue Haven - Waterline Swimming Pool Tiles 101: Basics and Key Purposes

7 Reasons to Build a Pool, Deck & Outdoor Features as One Project

Swimming Pools with Spas: 6 Lifestyle Benefits a Spa Offers

Changing Depth of a Swimming Pool: Benefits of Shallowing the Deep End

Building a Home and Swimming Pool: Save Money by Doing Both at Once

Concrete Pool Decks: Popular Decorative Finishes

Out-of-Ground Swimming Pools: Custom Concrete Construction

Free-Standing Swimming Pool Slides: 5 Key Options When Picking a Model

What is Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for Swimming Pool Sanitization?

What is a Swim-Up Pool Bar?—and How to Add One to Your Backyard

Automatic Pool Cleaners: Picking the best type for your backyard conditions

Swimming Pool Landscaping: 5 Plant Varieties to Consider

Add a Baja Shelf to an Existing Swimming Pool During a Remodel

Include a Spa with a Pool: 7 Healthy Benefits Spas Deliver

Beach Entry Swimming Pool Designs: In-Depth Guide to Benefits, Costs, Photos

Swimming Pool Construction Delays in Hot Weather and Humidity

Custom In-ground Spas

Swimming Pool Design & Dimensions: 3 Key Initial Questions to Ask

Lap Pool Designs: 10 Creative, Outside-the-Box Examples – Photos

Swimming Pool Safety: How Pool Alarms Boost Protection

Swimming Pool Energy Audit: Taking Stock of Inefficient Equipment

Swimming Pool Equipment: 5 Technology Options for Comfort & Convenience

Backyard Additions: 5 High-End Options for Upscale Outdoor Living

Swimming Pool Diving Boards: Choosing the Best Kind for Your Needs – Part 2

Swimming Pool Interior Finishes: Comparing Marcite, Quartz, and Pebble

Swimming Pool Diving Boards: Consider Safety, Usage, and Backyard Size

Automatic Pool Covers: 5 Benefits They Offer Pool Owners

Custom Inground Spas: Stand-alone designs deliver style and enjoyment

Swim Earplugs: A Buyer’s Guide for Swimmers and Water Lovers

On-ground / Semi On-ground Gunite Pools: 7 Project Examples in Photos

Swimming Pool Storm/Hurricane Cleanup: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Building a Swimming Pool in the Offseason: Get Value and Service Advantages

Swimming Pool Algae: What they are, Why they Grow, and How You Can Combat them

Natural Rock Waterfalls in Swimming Pools: 12 Inspiring Examples in Pictures

Crypto Outbreaks in Swimming Pools: Prevent Attacks with Ozone/UV Sanitizers

Swimming Pool Design: 3 Features to Enhance Your Comfort & Convenience

Swimming Pool Toys & Games for Active, Sporty Lifestyles

Swimming Pool Inspections: What to Check When Buying a Home with a Pool

Patio & Poolside Dining: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture

10 Features to Make Your Backyard Staycation-Worthy—In Photos

Swimming Pool Safety: Backyard First-Aid Kits and Rescue Equipment

Financing a Swimming Pool: Loans Now More Readily Available

Adult Swimming Lessons: 3 Smart Steps for Safety and Success

Energy-Efficient Swimming Pool Equipment: 3 Power-Saving Picks

Swimming Pool Exercise Equipment: 5 Top Picks for Resistance Training

Swimming Pool Prices: Backyard Conditions That Impact Building Costs

How to Teach Your Dog to Swim in a Pool: 5 Easy Steps

Inground Swimming Pools: 5 Key Construction Terms for Concrete Designs

Spa / Hot Tub Exercise & Hydrotherapy: 5 Physical Benefits of Warm Water

Pool Chlorine Alternatives: How Ozone Delivers Healthier Water

Swimming Pool Heaters: How to Pick a Replacement Unit

Hot Tubs vs. In-Ground Spas: What’s the Difference? Part 2 of 2

Hot Tubs vs. In-Ground Spas: What’s the Difference? Part 1 of 2

Outdoor Space Heaters to Warm Your Patio: Key Types & Features

Buying a Home Without a Swimming Pool: Will One Fit?

How to Clean Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters in Easy Steps

Concrete Pools Ensure Best Versatility for Size, Shape & Configuration

Backyard Drainage and its Impact on Your Swimming Pool and Deck

Pool & Patio Deck Design and Size: 5 Questions for Planning

Pool Design: 3 Key Choices Buyers Often Rethink

Concrete Paver Stones: Benefits for Your Pool Deck

How to Teach Your Dog to Swim: Advance Preparation

Pool Chlorine: Why and How It Harms Skin—and What You Can Do About It

3-D Pool Design: Why Pool Builders Use Virtual Software

Swimming Pool Pumps: Ditching Single-Speed Models for Variable-Speed Ones

Pool & Spa Design Trends: 10 Dam Wall/Spillway Styles—in photos

Swimming Pool Plaster Problems: Typical Causes for Common Issues

Swimming Pool Shapes: Benefits of Certain Ones Vs. Others

Swimming Pool Shapes: How to Pick the Best One for You

Pool Water Testing: Why it’s Vital to Check These Four Chemical Levels

Inground Pool Prices: Do larger pools cost more? Do small pools save money?

Swimming Pool Floats: 7 Fun Inflatable Designs for Adults

Swimming Pool Financing: 7 Sources for Your Pool Loan

How to Decorate Your Pool & Patio for a July Fourth Party

Lap Pools for Swimming at Home Deliver Benefits that Public Pools Can’t

Pool Heaters: Why Converting to Solar May be Worth the Investment

5 Healthy Reasons for a Backyard Pool

How to Pick the Best Sunscreen: 7 Tips

What is a Gunite Swimming Pool?

10 Ways to Protect Your Pool & Backyard from Mosquitoes

Swimming Pool “Decks” Using Grass Lawns—in Photos

Safety Rules for Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Island Barbecue Grills: 5 Reasons to Install One at the SAME Time You Build a Pool

Saving Water in Swimming Pools: 5 Ways to Cut Pool Water Loss

UV Pool Sanitizers Offer Healthy Alternative to Chlorine

Saving Water in Swimming Pools: 5 Ways to Cut Pool Evaporation

Affordable Swimming Pool Cabanas

3 Affordable Design Features for Your New Swimming Pool—in Photos: Statues, Mosaics, and Glass Tile

Opening Your Pool For Spring

Will Your Home Improvement Contractor’s Insurance Protect You?

5 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Harsh Pool Chlorine

The sound & beauty of cascade waterfall features in your pool: UPDATE

5 Simple Ways to Save Money this Valentine’s Day

3 Reasons Swimming Pool Builders Should Never Cut Corners

3 Ways to Sanitize Your Pool without the Typical Chlorine Risks

5 Reasons to Convert your Chlorine Pool to a Healthier Alternative

5 Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2016—in photos

10 Easy Spa & Hot Tub Exercises

Private Indoor Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Gas Swimming Pool Heaters

Backyard Fire Pits to Keep You Warm by the Pool

How to Use Spas and Hot Tubs Safely in Winter

How to Throw a Fall/Winter Backyard Pool Party

How winter pool covers, heaters, and enclosures make swimming possible when it’s cold outside

Why Fall is the Best Time to Remodel Swimming Pools

How to Prepare Inground Pools for Rain and Windstorms

How to Winterize Inground Pools in 12 Basic Steps

Ten affordable swimming pool grotto designs—in pictures—for your backyard

How to ease arthritis ailments with swimming pool exercise

How to keep your dog safe in and around your swimming pool

Natural Swimming Pools - Part 2

Is a Natural Swimming Pool Right For You? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

How to prevent swimmer’s ear

How to Plan a Fun (and Safe) Labor Day Pool Party

Pet Health & Pool Safety—Reduce Exposure to Pool Chemicals

How to Integrate Landscaping into Your Pool

How to shield yourself from the sun: 5 pool-shade features

Best ways to enjoy a great poolside staycation

Why Swimming is so Healthy: 5 Reasons

Swimming Pool Fire Features: 15 Hot Examples in Photos

Swimming Pool Exercises

Swimming Pool Games

Staycation Swimming Pool Features

Beach Entry Swimming Pools UPDATE 2

Beach Entry Swimming Pool Designs: In-Depth Guide to Benefits, Costs, Photos

3 Backyard Features To Add With Your New Swimming Pool

Infinity Swimming Pools: Creating backyard drama

Swimming Pool Lighting: Color-changing LEDs Outshine Other Pool Lights

Paying for your new gunite pool

Paying for Your New Gunite Pool: Candid Advice

Weather and Pool-Construction Delays: The Awful Truth

Custom In-ground Spas: Design Ideas | Photos of Shapes & Styles

Planning your new pool

Planning your new swimming pool

3 reasons why private residential pools beat public ones

15 great ways to update your aging pool, deck & equipment - UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

Building a New Pool: Layout & Excavation

Building a New Pool: Layout & Excavation—What to Expect

Blue Haven - Pool photos provide inspiration for your backyard resort

Pool photos provide inspiration for your backyard resort—and help you prepare for your pool designer

Colored Quartz Interior Finish: Not your father’s pool plaster

Colored Interior Finish: Not your father’s pool plaster

Buyer Beware: Choosing a pool builder for the lowest price

Guarding your pool filter against unwanted microorganisms

Swimming Pool Construction: 5 Ways to Prepare for Crews Building Pools

Buying a Swimming Pool: 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid

7 deadly sins when buying a swimming pool…

Blue Have - Escape the “chlorine routine”

Escape the “chlorine routine”


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