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Swimming Pool Lighting: Color-changing LEDs Outshine Other Pool Lights

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Apr 10, 2012 2:45:05 PM

—Energy-efficient illumination delivers vivid backyard displays 

—Updated June 28, 2018

When the sun goes down in your backyard, a good lighting system will illuminate your pool & spa and create dazzling evening scenery. 

Today, the lighting system of choice for swimming pools is LED (Light Emitting Diodes). LED illumination will bath your pool, spa, water features, and other decorative elements in stunning jewel-tone colors, such as blues, whites, greens, golds, and magentas.

The revolutionary technology controls intensity to deliver sensational lighting results. A good LED system will also provide the ability to alternate or synchronize two or more colors. This way, you can change the spa—say to magenta—while the pool is set to blue. Or, you can match the spa to the pool; for example, they could both be set to white.

LED systems are also easy to operate, and they truly deliver on performance. With semiconductor technology, they achieve a lifespan that eclipses traditional incandescent bulbs—they last thousands of hours before the diodes burn out. And with no bulbs (or moving parts) to change, you virtually eliminate the need for related service calls.

Yet another way LEDs save money: They boast superb energy efficiency—particularly when compared to other pool lighting systems such as halogens, metal halides, and incandescent bulbs. That means you can enjoy the wonderful evening backdrop they create every day, but without worrying about a big impact on your electric bill.

Due to the strength of the light, LEDs also do an excellent job when it comes to illuminating pools that are large, have 8-foot depths, or have black or deep blue interior finish.

LED light shows: A whole new level of backyard drama

Best of all, LEDs take backyard entertainment to a whole new level with breathtaking, color-changing light shows.

These exciting displays instantly set the mood and entertain your senses with a continuously changing kaleidoscope of flashing lights at various speeds. Fixed LED colors will blend and transition to create hundreds of “dancing” colors—and lots of fun!

Each vivid show is different. For example, one version may slowly transition whites and blues for a tranquil effect that’s well-suited to an intimate cocktail party. Another might cycle through red, white, and blue—perfect for a July Fourth BBQ/pool party.  For a large backyard bash, you might choose a high-energy show with hundreds of quickly flashing festive hues.

Don’t settle for old-school pool lighting

With all of their terrific benefits, LED is by far the best choice for lighting your new pool or remodel.  When choosing your builder, be sure they offer LEDs. 

In addition, remember to ask your pool builder about the options the LED model offers. How many fixed colors come with the LED? What number of light shows come with the particular system? What pool automation systems and control devices will the lights integrate with—so they are convenient to manage and schedule their use.

Any swimming pool looks better with LED, and it an option to that offers major payoffs for your backyard beauty and entertainment, as well as your electric bills.

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