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Plunge pool vs. cocktail pools vs. dipping pools vs. spools

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Jul 13, 2024 10:57:12 PM

—Going small for big benefits with compact swimming pools 

What is a plunge pool?

Is it different from a cocktail pool or a dipping pool?

And how are these three kinds of compact swimming pools different from a design known as a spool?

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Topics: backyard design

What is a rain curtain water feature on a swimming pool?

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Jun 8, 2024 9:34:11 PM

—Aka: rain walls, water curtains, or rain descents

When would you actually want rain to come down on your swimming pool?

If the falling “rain” is from a tall, stunning water feature that enhances your pool’s beauty and outdoor ambiance.

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Topics: Design / Features, LED, Construction, custom pool ideas, automation

Multi-level Pool Deck Ideas—With Photo Examples

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on May 11, 2024 9:07:05 PM

—Achieving better looks, versatility, and functionality for backyard leisure

In addition to providing a solution to a sloping property or disparate elevation between the house and yard, a deck with two or more tiers around a swimming pool delivers excellent functionality, an attractive outdoor space, and clearer “zoning” for various backyard activities.

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Topics: cascade water features, hardscape, Design / Features, LED, Construction, custom pool ideas, gunite spa, backyard design, pool deck, lighting, Backyard Entertaining, Health & Lifestyle

Swimming Pool Sun Shelves Uses, Benefits, and Options—With Photos

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Apr 13, 2024 8:48:47 PM

—A photo-packed guide to this attractive, functional aquatic amenity

What is a swimming pool sun shelf—also called a tanning ledge or Baja bench? While this feature is simple in concept, it delivers big benefits.

Fundamentally, a sun shelf is a shallow platform or ledge inside the pool perimeter upon which one or more chaise lounges can be placed or upon which you can directly lie submerged in 6 to 9 inches of water.

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Topics: Remodeling, Design / Features, LED, custom pool design, Buyer Tips, tanning ledges, Owner/Lifestyle, pool mosaics

5 Technology Upgrades Your Swimming Pool Should Have

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Mar 9, 2024 8:47:14 PM

—Beauty, comfort, health, convenience, and water and energy savings

Your new or remodeled inground pool may come equipped with some fundamentals such as a variable-speed pump for energy efficiency and automatic pool cleaner for convenience.

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Topics: ozone, energy-efficiency, LED, Equipment/Technology, Buyer Tips, Microban, automation, lighting, Purification, Health & Lifestyle, Filtration

Benefits of Outdoor TVs for Backyard Living

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Feb 10, 2024 9:02:29 PM

—Considerations for choosing and placing waterproof TVs in poolside settings

Guest Expert: Posh UK

Setting up an outdoor TV by your swimming pool offers a smart way to enhance your outdoor space, blending indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors.

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Topics: outdoor kitchen, Equipment/Technology, Buyer Tips, custom pool ideas, Backyard Entertaining, Health & Lifestyle, Owner/Lifestyle

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Swimming Pool and Patio

Posted by Guest Expert: Eric Herman, Editor of WaterShapes on Jan 13, 2024 10:09:49 PM

—Creating a palette for features and elements

Henry Ford once said you can have any color car you want, so long as it’s black.

Swimming pools were once that way too, confined mostly to white plaster and blue waterline tile.

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Topics: hardscape, Design / Features, LED, interior finish, quartz finish, Buyer Tips, marcite, backyard design, lighting, lagoon pools, pool mosaics


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