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Benefits of Outdoor TVs for Backyard Living

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Feb 10, 2024 9:02:29 PM

—Considerations for choosing and placing waterproof TVs in outdoor settings

—Guest Expert Contribution from Posh UK

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Setting up an outdoor TV offers a smart way to enhance your outdoor space, blending indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors. The amenity is perfect for social gatherings, family time, or personal relaxation.

However, this venture does come with some important considerations.

Outdoor TVs are exposed to diverse weather conditions, demanding specific features for durability. That’s why a waterproof TV is essential. These units are designed to protect internal components from moisture while weatherproofing guards against dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

These features ensure that your outdoor TV delivers excellent viewing quality and withstands the rigors of the outdoors.

Choosing the right outdoor TV is about finding the perfect mix of resilience and performance for a successful and lasting outdoor entertainment experience.


Integrating a waterproof TV into your pool setting helps enhance your entire outdoor experience. Let's explore why a waterproof TV can be a terrific addition to boost poolside enjoyment.

Backyard Entertainment

Having a waterproof TV by your pool dramatically elevates the entertainment factor of your outdoor space. Imagine lounging in the pool or spa while watching your favorite shows, movies, or live sports.

It's a splurge amenity that adds another dimension to your swimming experience, making your pool area not t a multi-functional entertainment zone.


Waterproof TVs are engineered to withstand the challenges posed by poolside and outdoor conditions, such as splashes and humidity. This reliability means you can enjoy your viewing experience without worrying about water damage.

These TVs are built to operate under conditions that would compromise a regular TV, ensuring that your investment is protected and continues to perform for years to come.

Hosting Events

A waterproof TV by your pool is a game-changer for hosting events!

Whether it's watching a big sports game, having a BBQ with friends, holding movie nights under the stars, or throwing a pool party, the TV can serve as a central entertainment feature.


When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, selecting the right TV is crucial.

Outdoor TVs offer a unique blend of technology and durability to withstand external elements while providing excellent viewing quality.

Weather-Resistant Materials and Coatings

Outdoor TVs differ significantly from indoor models.

They are specifically engineered to endure cold weather and soaring temperatures, as well as dust, ultraviolet rays, humidity, and moisture.

They are built with materials that resist rust, corrosion, and sun damage.

Special coatings are applied to protect against moisture, dust, and even insects. This ensures that the TV remains functional and visually appealing, regardless of weather changes.

IP Rating for Water and Dust Resistance

An important specification is the TV’s IP (Ingress Protection) rating. This rating indicates the level of protection against solids (like dust) and liquids. A higher IP rating means better resistance to water and dust, making it a critical factor for outdoor TVs.

Safety Accreditations

Safety accreditations are a testament to an outdoor TV's quality and suitability for external use. These certifications ensure that the TV meets specific safety and performance standards.

Look for certifications that specifically mark the TV as suitable for outdoor use, particularly as a waterproof model.

These might include IP ratings, UL listings for outdoor use, or other industry-recognized standards. These certifications not only guarantee the TV's ability to withstand outdoor conditions but also assure you of its safety and durability.


Location and Sunlight Considerations

The placement of your outdoor TV greatly affects its usability. Direct, continuous sunlight can lead to overheating and screen glare, compromising the viewing experience.

Strategies to Mitigate Sunlight Impact

It’s advisable to mount the TV in a location that avoids direct sunlight, especially during peak viewing hours. This might involve choosing a shaded area or a strategic angle that minimizes sun exposure.

For areas with unavoidable sunlight, opt for TVs with high brightness levels and anti-glare screens. These features significantly improve visibility and comfort, even under strong sunlight.

Potential Locations

If you want the screen poolside, consider strategically placing it in a sightline where you can lounge in the water.

For example, position the TV so you can easily view it while relaxing in the spa, sitting on the pool loveseat, or lying on the tanning ledge.

Another great spot for an outdoor TV is an island grill or a poolside kitchen that has a hardtop roof.


A weatherproof TV is obviously a must, but you will also need to protect your device if you want to watch TV by the pool or spa. Here are some of our tips.

Against Moisture and Weather

Outdoor TVs need safeguarding against moisture and adverse weather conditions. This protection is crucial to maintain their functionality and extend their lifespan.

Sealing and Covering

Seal all cable connections to prevent water ingress.

Use weatherproof covers or enclosures when the TV is not in use. These covers shield the TV from rain, snow, and even dust or debris. If the TV is mounted under a protective roof, such as inside an outdoor kitchen, the cover may not be needed.

Additional Weather Protection

Consider installing awnings or canopies over your outdoor TV area. These structures provide additional protection from rain and can also help reduce sun glare during certain times of the day.

Protecting Against Sun Glare

Sun glare can significantly affect the viewing experience. Addressing this is important to ensure your outdoor TV is enjoyable to watch at all times of the day.

There are anti-glare screens available that can be fitted to your outdoor TV (a UV light protective layer).

Additionally, positioning the TV in a way that minimizes direct sun exposure, especially during peak hours, can help reduce glare.

The Takeaways

In conclusion, a successful outdoor TV setup involves choosing a durable, weatherproof TV, installing it with a robust mount in a well-considered location, and ensuring it's protected from weather and theft.

Regular maintenance is key for longevity. Embrace this addition to your outdoor space, as it promises to elevate your entertainment experience, making gatherings, relaxation, and family time more enjoyable under the open sky.

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