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Infinity Swimming Pools: Creating backyard drama

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Aug 16, 2012 1:00:00 AM

—Vanishing-edge aquatic designs deliver the “wow” factor 

No longer limited to high-end hotels and exclusive properties, an infinity swimming pool has become an option available to private homeowners who desire an extra level of “wow factor” in their backyards.

Also known as a zero-, vanishing-, or negative-edge pool, an infinity pool features one or more sides over which the water cascades—virtually merging with the horizon beyond. Even spas can be built in this fashion.

Infinity pools provide an even bigger visual impact when they are built in a yard overlooking a body of water such as a bay, lake, or ocean. Locations on a hill or cliff above a valley or canyon also deliver incredible views.

Depending on the setting, an infinity pool may provide an additional benefit: Its “horizon effect” can create the illusion that the backyard is larger than it actually is.

What lies beyond…

So just where does the overflowing pool water go? And how does the pool remain full even though it appears to be constantly “losing” water over its edge?

The pool water spills over a specially designed wall into a catch basin below. There, water collects, and a carefully designed plumbing system circulates the water back to the pool.

In some situations, this wall and catch basin will be situated on terrain—such as a cliff or hill—where no one will ever see them. In other installations, they will face a section of accessible backyard that is used by people and therefore be visible.

In these cases, the appearance of the wall and basin should factor into the design approach. Along with functionality, they should be aesthetically pleasing. For example, they can be covered in attractive tile or stone fascia.

Done the right way, the wall and basin area will appear like a distinctive water feature that stands on its own, enhancing backyard beauty.

To see examples of a variety of infinity pools from around the country, as well as images of the “backside” walls and catch basins, visit

For more information about building an infinity pool at your residence, consult with your pool builder.


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