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15 brilliant ideas—in photos—for lighting custom pools & spas

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Jun 10, 2023 10:56:24 PM

—LED technology paints vibrant aquatic scenery after dark


When it comes to swimming pool lighting, LED technology has forever changed the way we illuminate the dark.

How much difference has LED pool lighting made? And what does it mean for your pool’s aesthetic possibilities?

Some industry observers say LED technology is to lighting what digital photography has been to pictures. The advanced lighting products and their capabilities have significantly expanded creative opportunities for pool and patio design.

Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs are safer, smaller, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient,

From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, there is simply no comparison. LED systems produce captivating multi-colored aquatic scenery.

This awe-inspiring innovation has opened a universe of lighting effects for homeowners building or remodeling a custom pool.

Like many, you may be surprised by the range and striking appearance of pool and spa lighting options.

Color Cornucopia


Pool LEDs can be virtually any color. Even better: Quality LED systems enable you to sequence the colors and how they change at various speeds, patterns, and intensities

Want to sync the pool color with the spa? How about matching the tanning ledge color to the landscape lighting? Looking for a certain shade of purple or aquamarine? All are easily done.

LEDs also enable you to dim the lights for various levels of luminance. Bold and bright, or soft and subtle, the choice is yours.

Inside Views


In some pool projects, homeowners are also surprised by how a thoughtfully illuminated aquatic environment can be enjoyed indoors as well.

Here’s how: Strategically placed and lit, the pool and patio features form compelling evening scenery. For homes with windows overlooking the pool and patio, the illuminated outdoor space provides a daily visual treat—even after dark.

Whether outside or in, great LED lighting will enable you to enjoy your pool & spa after the sun goes down and even when you are dry and warm inside.

Illuminating examples

The possibilities are lightyears beyond the “headlamp” lights of pools in the past.

Here are some shining illustrations of the magic you can create by combining LEDs, water, and various pool-spa design features.


Lighting shows off the pool’s interior finish and “paints” a setting that looks inviting and makes the pool safer to use at night. Spotlights announce a trio of cascade waterfalls, create dancing reflections, and highlight the ledger stone along the raised bond beam.


Using hot pink and cool blue can be a clever way to signal the temperature in each body of water. With LEDs, you can use color to create contrast, or, to sync colors for a coordinated chromatic impact.


Pink bubbler fountains punctuate the large tanning ledge surrounding a recessed spa. At night, these glowing fountains provide visual cues indicating the water is shallow in this section.


Using a Baja shelf at night, especially one with rockwork, could be tricky. But with lighting on the ledge— as well as on the water plume—you have a safer, more comfortable nocturnal aquatic oasis. Plus, it’s also just so pretty to look at!


A pool with green lighting is both surprising and surreal. This unexpected choice turns the pool into a chalice of liquid emeralds—and of course, it’s the perfect choice for St. Patrick’s Day.


Violet articulates the stone cladding and falling water on the dam wall of this infinity-edge pool. The light blue water in the overflow catch basin offers an eye-catching contrast, and a waterfall shimmering in the background completes a layered scene of light, motion, and water.


The warmly lit bubbler fountains resemble liquid flames, visually echoing the actual fire burning in the sunken conversation pit. Purple lighting in the waterfall and green lighting in the pool water round out this vivid aquatic tapestry.


Pools with grotto waterfalls bring on the drama as their wide overhanging ledges generate large cascades. Lighting brings even more attention to the falling water, and it also proves the impact LEDs can make even in daylight.


In an almost mind-bending effect, light travels through these glasslike laminar water features. If you want this mesmerizing function on your pool, be ready to splurge on sleek laminar water features—vs. their more-affordable, less-uniform cousins, known as deck jets.


When you invest in elaborate features, such as this multi-tier rock waterfall, lighting is a great way to maximize the payoff. Here, LEDs “color” the falling sheets of water for a stunning effect.


With the spa jets on, the frothing water diffuses the light for a soft appearance that beckons you in. Because spas are typically used far more than pools at night, illumination is particularly valuable for greater safety and as a mood-enhancing element.


Here, the pool designer thoughtfully included spotlighting for extra impact. A narrow ledge runs along the entire edge of the spa and tanning ledge. This structure houses the LED fixtures that up-light the sleek tile finish and overflowing water. free-form-spa-with-multicolor-lights

Looking more like an illuminated sculpture than a spa, LED lights accent the contours of this organic-shaped rim-flow spa in several colors. Even during the day, nestled in this heavily shaded property, the lights turn this rim-flow spa into a bold backyard centerpiece.


In some cases, lighting effects are subtle. On this water-spout sculptural installation, the up lights introduce a dash of color that puts greater attention on the fish and streams of water. This project is another example of lights enhancing a decorative feature even in the daytime.


Swim-up tables and seating are better when you can see them at night. Not only do these features look inviting, but from a practical standpoint, they’re also easy to use at night. After all, you want to be able to actually see where you put your drink!

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