Hot Tubs vs. In-Ground Spas: What’s the Difference? Part 1 of 2

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Nov 21, 2016 10:18:14 AM

—Learn the benefits of portable manufactured models compared with custom concrete spas

Part 1: Portable Hot Tubs

Few activities are more relaxing than settling into a warm, bubbly spa at the end of a hard day. Along with the health benefits of unwinding mind and body in heated, swirling water, a spa can make an excellent spot for entertaining friends and family. Depending on the type you choose, a spa can boost the visual appeal of your backyard as well.

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5 Healthy Reasons for a Backyard Pool

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on May 30, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Fitness, family fun, convenience, hydrotherapy, and avoiding public-pool dangers 

Residential pools provide homeowners and their families with multiple opportunities for beneficial exercise, relaxation, and family fun in the privacy of their backyard.


Along with adding beauty to your outdoor space and value to your home, a swimming pool can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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Swimming Pool “Decks” Using Grass Lawns—in Photos

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on May 2, 2016 3:45:57 PM

Get style and functionality with natural or artificial grass vs. traditional hardscape

For a fresh take on designing your new swimming pool and patio area, consider a grass lawn for the deck instead of traditional material like stone or concrete. A swath of green extending around your pool can provide a distinct backyard setting along with practical benefits for your lifestyle.

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UV Pool Sanitizers Offer Healthy Alternative to Chlorine

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Apr 4, 2016 3:10:00 PM

How safe, powerful germicidal ultraviolet systems ensure swim-ready water

Yes, there are effective, healthier substitutes for harsh chlorine in residential swimming pools!

One of the top options around capitalizes on safe, powerful, ultraviolet light—the same wavelength used to pasteurize food, purify drinking water, and sterilize medical equipment.

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5 Reasons to Convert your Chlorine Pool to a Healthier Alternative

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Jan 11, 2016 3:16:00 PM

The good, the bad, and the toxic scoop on pool chemicals

Research is contributing to an increasingly long, dirty laundry list of chlorine’s harsh side effects. Could leisurely dips in your swimming pool be harmful, or even toxic?

In a classic case of “what you don’t know might actually hurt you,” we break down the following 5 Reasons to Convert your Chlorine Pool to a Healthier Alternative.

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10 Easy Spa & Hot Tub Exercises

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Dec 28, 2015 4:54:54 PM

Simple effective moves that anyone can do

by Jennifer Pierce, Certified Personal Trainer; NASM, NCCPT

People often associate swimming pools with exercise,while thinking of spas and hot tubs as places for relaxation. However, the warm, bubbling environment of a whirlpool offers unique advantages to enhance your health and fitness.

Here’s why: Unlike a swimming pool, the heated water in a spa or hot tub automatically increases blood flow and helps release toxins in your body. This creates a healthy foundation for simple movements that can make a big difference in your fitness routine.

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How to Use Spas and Hot Tubs Safely in Winter

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Nov 23, 2015 4:50:00 PM

3 Tips for When it’s Cold Outside

A soak in a hot, bubbling outdoor hot tub or in-ground spa is relaxing at any time of year, but in cold weather it can feel especially good as the water warms your body. However, additional care is needed to keep safe in a spa or hot tub during the fall and winter seasons.

Regular precautions for spa and hot tub use, such as proper water disinfection, should be followed year round. When the mercury outside dips low, additional precautions are needed. Here are three key ones to follow for safe enjoyment of a warm, aquatic escape.

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