Building a new pool: Layout & Excavation

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Aug 23, 2011 9:33:34 PM

Part 1 of 2: What to expect with the layout

Before your swimming pool builder shows up with heavy machinery to dig your new backyard resort, specific steps will be taken to ensure your pool plan is properly executed.

For starters, your builder will create a construction plan. The plan will indicate elements such as the pool location, placement of steps, benches, lights, and any other features. It will also note the position of pool equipment and access areas for machinery to enter your backyard.

In some areas of the country, this plan will note easements and elevations, as well as gas and electric for the pool. Based on local building conditions, logistics, and regulations, additional information may be plotted.

In accordance with your plan, the shape of your new pool will be physically laid out in your yard. Most builders create this layout with special marking paint on the ground and/or with flexible wood forms, stakes, and string lines. This layout may also indicate the area for your pool decking (unless you are providing your own deck).

Before any digging starts, most pool builders will ask you to review the pool layout, the pool location within your yard, the pool decking, and the location of the pool equipment.

This layout will serve as a guide for the excavation crew to follow. Keep in mind, once excavation begins, it can be difficult and expensive to make changes. Before crews start digging, be sure you are happy with all of the elements of your pool plan!

Note: In some cases where warranted, pool builders may erect a temporary construction fence around the pool site.

Tip for gardeners and DIY folks:

A tremendous amount of dirt will be excavated. If you would like soil for gardening, landscaping, or other projects, a pool builder can usually set some aside for you.

However, to arrange this, you must notify your pool builder in advance of excavation day—usually in writing.

Specify how much dirt you would like, and indicate the area in your backyard—away from the pool site—where you would like the dirt to be placed.

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