Colored Quartz Interior Finish: Not your father’s pool plaster

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Jul 20, 2011 9:22:49 PM

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How color quartz finish provides greater beauty, durability, and overall value

Endurance. A distinctive appearance. Lower pool-ownership costs. A more enjoyable swimming environment.

The benefits of color quartz aggregate finish are valuable to pool owners and well worth incorporating into your new backyard installation or remodel project.

Quartz aggregate is engineered to deliver superb color and durability. After being mined, this mineral undergoes processing that includes permanently bonding colored ceramic to it.

The quartz aggregate is then blended with traditional marcite (white cement mixed with crushed marble dust) to create the final plaster mix.

Because a significant amount of quartz aggregate is used, a high percentage of a pool’s interior surface will be covered with it—and protected by the mineral’s innate strength!

Better Colors

To begin with, this blended finish looks great in any new or existing pool. Quartz delivers a richer color with a multidimensional appearance—vs. a flat white or flat blue that comes with plain marcite plaster.

Quartz colors—which can be blended in varying intensities—are available in tans, whites, grays, blues, reds, plums, and teals.

Each color creates a unique kind of look and can transform a pool’s interior into a true element of the overall design. For example, tan is a great choice for a pool in a natural setting, while blue works better for a Grecian pool with classical surroundings.

Colors address other design considerations. Blues, greens, and teals show very well in sunlight. Deep grays and blacks better reflect the sky and create a contemporary mirror-like effect.

Better for swimmers

Beyond its handsome appearance, a quartz pool finish delivers on performance. When it comes to the comfort factor, it is very swimmer-friendly.

That’s because the blended material creates a slip-resistant surface without exposing sharp or ragged aggregate edges.

Another advantage: Unlike pebble-type pool finishes, you won’t feel rough bumps or end up with those annoying pock-like indentations on your skin.

Better for standing the test of time

Another way that a quartz pool finish outshines plain marcite is with its superior durability.

Its unbeatable strength comes from the marriage of color ceramics and natural quartz—which according to Moh’s Mineral Hardness Scale, is harder than steel!

With ultra-strong quartz fortifying the plaster mix, the resulting surface offers tremendous resilience. The problems that plague plain marcite finishes—damaging the surface’s appearance and shortening its lifespan—do not impact a quartz finish in the same way.

One reason why is that quartz does a significantly better job at fending off chemical erosion and ultraviolet deterioration. Another reason is that the ceramic quartz aggregate is non-porous; nothing can get a foothold on the material so it will not stain.

Now, the marcite in the plaster is porous. However, because the marcite is blended with quartz, the resulting overall surface becomes more stain resistant—with quartz particles interrupting the stain’s path.

Additionally, the ceramic element in the quartz finish ensures incredible color for a lifetime without fading, bleeding, or chipping. A pool’s finish will retain its beauty despite years of exposure to sunlight or problems with water chemistry.

The incredible durability of quartz offers another advantage that puts plain marcite to shame: With quartz, you will have a strong, brilliant pool surface unlikely to need acid washing—and the accompanying cost, hassle, and massive water consumption required by this chemical treatment!

Above all, a quartz aggregate pool finish will last five to ten years longer than plain marcite! Pool owners save money by significantly extending the time before they need to re-plaster their pool.

Better Value

Because quartz goes above and beyond marcite, homeowners should think hard about including it in a new pool or remodel.

By investing a little more upfront, a quartz finish will provide a better-looking pool, ongoing savings in ownership, and the assurance of dazzling impact that will last for years to come.

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