7 deadly sins when buying a swimming pool…

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on May 16, 2011 1:00:57 AM

If you want the most automated, fuss-free, comfortable experience possible. —Part 2 of 7: #2. Relying on chlorine to sanitize your water Quite simply, there is no reason for any pool owner to use tablet or liquid chlorine as the primary method for sanitizing pool water. Off-the-shelf chlorine increases the odd for chloramines—which cause red, stinging eyes, bleached hair, itchy skin, and that awful bleach-like odor. Chloramines can also lead to scum lines building up along the pool tile. For crystal-clear water that’s easy on your skin, hair, and eyes, there are two excellent alternative sanitizing options to ask your pool builder about: salt generators and ozone generators. Both systems provide an economical, healthy swimming environment. (In some cases—depending on local climate conditions, building materials, and accessories used in and around the pool and deck—one system may be better-suited for your pool; consult with your pool builder.)

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