Swimming Pool Construction: 5 Ways to Prepare for Crews Building Pools

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on May 29, 2011 7:17:05 PM

Simple tips to help avoid problems during the building process

Building a new swimming pool is a major construction project—and it’s one that goes on steps outside your home right in your backyard.

Before, during, and immediately after the construction process, your pool builder will coordinate a number of matters with you. Be sure to follow any instructions they give you, and provide them with information and requests they have.

Before the first workers even arrive, here are five great ways to help create an environment that supports a smooth construction process:

Your “stuff” and the pool site

Before crews show up to start work, be sure to clear the construction site of any items. Remove personal belongings or move them to a confined area away from the pool site. Check for items or objects around any doors, gates, and access areas through which crews and equipment will need to pass.

Open-door policy: Access to your backyard

Unlock your backyard gate—and keep it that way at all times. Your construction superintendent—as well as the crews tasked with making your new pool a reality—will need ongoing access to your backyard. They certainly don’t want to have to interrupt your day every time they need to gain entry.

In areas of the country where inspections are required, officials from local agencies will also need access. One or more inspections may be required, and few—if any—officials will schedule an appointment before visiting.

Construction zone vs. a playground: Protecting your children

A pool being built truly is a construction zone—which unfortunately can be an irresistible magnet for children. Be sure that their curiosity does not lead to trouble.

Keep children of all ages out of harm’s way by preventing them from wandering into the construction area. Set strict rules with your teens regarding access to the yard and appropriate behavior while the pool is being built.

Thirsty, power-hungry construction: Your water and electric supply

Pool-construction crews need H20—not for themselves, but for building your pool. During several phases, such as concrete, plumbing, and tile & coping, crews often need access to running water in order to complete specific functions, such as testing the plumbing lines. A traditional garden hose will usually work fine for this purpose.

Typically, access to an electric power supply is also needed. An outdoor power outlet is ideal. However, if your yard does not have one, then crews will need access to a socket inside your home; preferably, this outlet will be near door or window that opens to your yard so that an extension cord can be run outside.

Fido and Fifi: Safeguarding your pets

While work crews and large machinery are in and out of your yard, you want your pets to be safe. With gates left unlocked, you also want to be sure a pet can not get out. And during some construction phases, loud machinery and noise from certain activity may frighten animals as well.

If you have pets, let your pool builder know about them at the outset. During construction, be sure your pets are either kept inside your home or outside in a securely confined area away from the pool site and access areas.


Successful completion of your new pool involves a partnership in coordinating many other activities not described here. Work cooperatively with your contractor to help ensure a smooth road toward building your new backyard resort!

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