5 Healthy Reasons for a Backyard Pool

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on Dec 28, 2011 5:36:33 PM


Along with adding beauty to your backyard and value to your home, a residential pool can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Swimming pools can help enhance your family’s overall fitness and recreation levels. Here are five reasons why:

Swimming is a unique, smart form of exercise.

What distinguishes swimming from many other forms of exercises is how a full-body work out is achieved in a buoyant environment. This means exercising muscles without the typical levels of stress on the joints. Swimming can be a particularly good fitness option for those with injuries or ailments like arthritis or obesity.

A pool's shallow end is an excellent place to gently stretch and increase your range of motion. Or, you can swim laps to raise your heart rate—but do so without breaking out in a sweat. And if you do engage in other forms of land-based exercise, a dip in the pool when you’re done is a great way to wind down.

Water provides several forms of hydrotherapy.

Indulge in liquid therapy to unwind from the stresses of daily life. Simply lounging on a tanning ledge or swimming a quick lap can do the trick. Some people find they sleep better by ending their evening with a quick dip in the pool. If you have a spa, there are even more relaxation benefits from its warm water and massaging spa jets.

Another dimension of hydrotherapy is available to enjoy without ever getting wet: Listening to the gentle sounds of water splashing from a pool’s waterfalls or fountains can create a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Public pools can carry potential health risks.

Aquatic facilities in gyms, clubs, schools, and community centers are used by numerous swimmers. Among them are individuals with open sores, contagious illnesses, and irresponsible personal hygiene. Proper pool maintenance—which involves high chemical loads—is designed to keep hazards at bay.

However, mistakes do happen in these public facilities. When they do, any pool user can be exposed to harmful contaminants and become ill.

A pool can help bring family closer.

By creating a backyard entertainment center, a pool is perfect setting where parents and children can interact more and build stronger relationships.

A private aquatic playground can also help keep the kids at home more frequently. It may even entice their friends to spend time at your home with your supervision—vs. the other way around. And of course, a pool is the perfect backdrop for socializing like barbecues and pool parties.

A pool is provides an ultra-convenient staycation right outside your door!

Travel vacations are costlier and more burdensome than ever. There’s the traffic, parking, crowds, and other hassles. Even taking the family for local outings can be pricey. But your home pool is always open—and there’s never a line or entrance fee to get in!

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