7 deadly sins when buying a swimming pool…

Posted by Blue Haven Pools & Spas on May 21, 2011 1:00:20 AM

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#7 Settling for an incandescent pool light

Yes, a standard incandescent bulb has been proven in swimming pools for decades, and it will illuminate your pool.

However, a standard incandescent bulb is also proven to be energy hungry, and the high wattage causes a great deal of heat to go through the light fixturewhich can reduce total operating hours. The heat also creates a vacuum effect; the result is that the water can get sucked into the fixture and damage the entire unit. As for aesthetics, it’s not exactly a superstar—often compared to the light from an oncoming train.

For greater energy efficiency and dazzling colors, today’s LED lighting is a better choice. For starters, LED uses a small fraction of the energy required by an incandescent bulb; better models of LED systems boast a lifespan of well over 50,000 hours!

Along with significant energy savings, the beauty and drama that LEDs deliver puts them head & shoulders above incandescent bulbs. They create incredible jewel-tone colors around the pool & spa for an after-dark sensation. You can program the lighting to remain on fixed colors or rotate through them. Even better: top-of-the line LED systems will generate dazzling “lightshows.” In these shows, hundreds of colors flash and transition at different speeds to create “themes” that range from relaxation to celebration.

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